HCG Diet Information

So many people have asked how I managed to lose 17 pounds in 23 days, I am revealing my 23 Day Resultsecret. Well it is really no secret  because when you are excited about something and seeing results you can’t help but share and people can’t help but notice and ask what are you doing?

I was introduced to Total Life Changes (TLC) which is a health and wellness company that has breakthrough products for the wellness Industry and I saw so many people losing 1 to 3 pounds a day so I decided to give the HCG diet a try myself and it worked!

The HCG diet is taking the nation by storm. People are losing weight and gaining energy but they are also looking and feeling better than they ever thought possible. Even more amazingly people are having great success keeping the weight off. Everyone from celebrities to college students are jumping on the HCG diet and realizing its amazing life changing benefits. Whether you are on the fence about HCG or you are new to this diet, here is some basic HCG information that everyone needs to know.


This diet is broken down into four phases, and each phase will offer something different for your body. In the first phase you are supposed to eat as much as you possibly can. In fact, you are even supposed to overeat as much as you can possibly stand. This seems very odd compared to most diets, but according to those who have done this diet gorging In phase one is critical for your success. From personal experience by time you finish this stage, the last thing you want to do is eat.

After the first phase you will start the second phase, this is by far the hardest phase for most people. During this phase you are supposed to drastically cut back on your daily calorie intake and you should have a 500 calorie a day maximum. This seems hard but the general HCG diet information from others who have done this diet is that they are able to manage pretty easily.  I had no problem at all, what helped the most was doing my meal prep in advance. The third and fourth phases are a little more relaxed and easy to get through.

One thing that makes this diet stand so far apart from other diets out there is the HCG injections or drops. HCG injections are given by doctors’ orders and can be pretty expensive. The other option is the HCG drops, this is what I used it is easier and just as effective as the injections..

Having the right HCG diet information will help you to be successful on the HCG diet. Remember, this diet has helped thousands of people to look and feel better than they ever thought possible. As long as you follow these HCG diet information guidelines you should be able to enjoy the same success.

Do you have questions? I encourage you to Contact Me today and to learn more about Total Life Changes ProductsHCG Diet  or purchase your Iaso HCG Drops Click Here

Do You Need to Check Your Beliefs

Change Your Beliefs"As a man thinketh, in his heart so is he." ~Proverbs 23:7

 Do you realize your beliefs impact everything you do (or don't do).

You may wonder why I am talking about beliefs, because sometimes are beliefs will have us miss opportunities because we don’t believe it is too good to be true or it can’t happen for us.

You know our beliefs are just thought, but they often determine our actions and reactions - and they have the power to hold us back from doing what will make us happy.

Holding on to negative or disempowering beliefs can cause you to subconsciously sabotage any plans you make.  Or it could cause you to not try at all because you believe it would be a waste of your time and energy.

First, you may find yourself resisting any opportunities that seem "too good to be true" simply because you don't believe that good things will happen to you "just like that".  You might also feel inclined to refuse any offers of help that come to you from other people, even if you really want help.  You might even go so far as to subconsciously CREATE obstacles and difficulties along the way, just to "prove" to yourself that your beliefs are true.

This may sound far-fetched, but the mind works in mysterious ways!  It's amazing how easily we can trick ourselves into believing something, and how fiercely we will defend our beliefs when they are challenged - even by ourselves.

How do you know if you have subconscious beliefs that might be holding you back?

One simple way to find out is to grab a sheet of paper and a pen, and start writing statements like these:

"I deserve to be successful and happy."

"I am on a progressive movement of life. The mark of success is upon me now"

"Money comes to me easily and effortlessly."

"I encounter opportunities wherever I go."

"I am completely in tune with my passions."

"I am clear about what I want in life."

"I am ready to tackle any challenges that I may face."

"I believe in my ability to create the success I desire."


Then take a look at what you wrote and as you read each statement, pay attention to how you feel inside. If any statement conflicts with one of your existing beliefs, you will feel a twinge of guilt or fear inside, as if you are lying.  It may be subtle, but if you pay close enough attention you will feel it.

Make a checkmark next to any statement that doesn't feel true to you. THOSE are the beliefs you need to work on changing if you want to make any progress.

How do you change existing beliefs?  You replace them with more empowering beliefs.

Let's use this statement as an example:  "I am ready to tackle any challenges that I may face."

If, when you read that statement to yourself you feel uneasiness or dread, then you know you have a doubt about your ability to handle challenges.  Your job is now to convince yourself that you DO have the ability to handle challenges.

Think back to any challenges you have faced in your lifetime.  How did you handle them?  Did you buckle down and do what needed to be done, or did you cave under the pressure?  If you can recall even one challenge that you were able to handle and overcome, you have solid footing to change your belief!

You simply need to establish a new way of thinking for yourself. If you handled one challenge successfully, you can handle others.  The more frequently and passionately you can reinforce this concept in your mind, the more quickly your underlying belief will change.

But what if you can't recall any challenges you've overcome successfully in the past?  Is it time to give up?  Not yet!  Instead, think about opportunities to tackle a challenge now.  Pick one simple thing that would be challenging for you, and do it!  That may sound intimidating, but you may surprise yourself. Most often, we are capable of MUCH MORE than we give ourselves credit for.  You won't know until you try.

After you handle even one small challenge, you will feel your confidence growing and you'll be eager to take on more.

Remember that changing your beliefs is a process but if you keep at it, it won't be long before you start to notice a big change in your attitude.  And like so many other things in life, the more you practice the technique, the better you'll get at it.

See this was personal for me, because I just said yes to a traditional MLM company and in the past I failed when it came to this, and the reason why was mindset, I didn’t believe I could be successful, so I had very little success. I probably had more success than the average person, but I didn’t believe I could reach my income goal so I stopped showing up.

But the past 3 years I have grown personally and cultivated new beliefs and I want you to ask yourself what new empowering beliefs’ do you need to cultivate.

Do YOU Believe You Can Be Successful? 



Action Assignment

What Belief’s Do You Need to Change. Write Them Down and then email me back.

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6 Ways to Keep Your Personal Life Separate from Your Home Business

6 Ways to Keep Your Personal Life Separate from Your Home Business

Photo Credit: .keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk

Photo Credit: .keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk

Running a home based business contrary for what many believe is not easy as it may seem.

There is quite a bit of hard work and perseverance involved, but a lot of sacrifices must be made on the part of your family. Most home business owners fail in their first year because they are poor planners or just don't know how to keep their personal lives separate from that of their business.

When does the work end? Most business owners forget to draw a fine line between work and personal life.  I know for one I am very guilty of this. If you are guilty of answering the phone during a family dinner or letting your kids interrupt your working hours, your business could end up suffering. You may not realize this, but a failure to plan ahead and produce a decent schedule is something that can affect your performance.

  1. Have an office or create a workspace to run your business. It doesn't matter where your office is, but you need to be able to get work done while you are there. The best office you can have is one that's separate from high traffic areas of your home. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of having a separate home office, in which case you should use a bookshelf or partition to separate your office from the rest of the home.
  2. Show Them You Mean Business. You need to show your family and friends that you mean business when you sit down to work. Discuss it with them that when they see your curtains drawn or door closed, you are busy. Just because you don't go to work and clock-in doesn't mean that you aren't busy or you don't need the peace and quiet of a working environment.


  1. Set Business Hours. The best way to help your family understand this is by creating a work hour schedule. It is easy to get lost in your business, but you need to be headed in an organized direction. Make it clear to your customers, friends and family what your working hours are, and don't answer questions or concerns any time after.
  2. Stay Focused & Eliminate Distractions. It is hard to stick to a working schedule when you get easily suckered into social media. Let's face it, it's fun and it helps your business succeed. Many business owners fail to realize that by bending the rules just a little bit they are ready to throw all caution to the wind. Your working hours should involve marketing, packaging, selling and whatever else your business requires you to do.
  3. Create Visuals. If you have deadlines for your work, make sure you create visual cues that let your family members know. Your toddler or teenager will need to know that you are busy, especially when you have a big project due soon.
  4. Have a Business Account. It’s important you keep the money separate as well. Have a bank account just for business, even if you are a sole proprietor this will save from massive headaches when it is time to file taxes.  Most banks will require your Federal Identification Number and a copy of your DBA license.




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Fulfill Your Dreams Of Starting A Home Based Business

Fulfill Your Dreams Of Starting A Home Based Business

Running your own business is the dream for a lot of people. When you work for someone else, you have little control over your work hours or even how you do your work. Sometimes, the work that you do may even be credit to someone else, leaving you feeling empty. When you are your own boss, you are in full control. You set the rules and your hours. Your success totally depends on what you put into it. If you have been thinking about starting your own business, here are some guidelines that can help you along.

Working for yourself gives you a great feeling of independence.

However, if-you-dont-build-your-dreamwith that independence comes a lot of responsibilities. You are in charge of every little detail of your business, from satisfying your customers, paying your bills, ordering supplies, etc. Do not be mislead into thinking that working for yourself means working less. In fact, it is more likely that you will be working more. Just keep that in mind when you plan your business.

If you have other family members living at home, you should tell them how your home business will affect them. You will be using part of your home as your work space. That means other members of your family have to respect that space to be yours and not use it for something else. Working at home does not mean that you are less professional. You still have to conduct business in an efficient manner, without interruptions or interference from your household.

When you pick a space at home to be your home office, try to find a spot that is away from the normal household traffic. If you have a basement, it may be worthwhile to explore transforming a corner of that into a comfortable work area for you. Just make sure that you have good lighting, good ventilation, and peace and quiet. The space should have the capability to be wired for your computer equipment and phone. There should be space for your basic pieces of office furniture and file cabinets.

Your fledgling business should have a business plan. Write down how you plan to make money. Describe the market that you want to serve. Make an estimate of how much money you will need to start the business and to run it every month. Make sure that you have the budget for it. During the first year or two, your profit level may not be that high as you are getting established. So, try to keep your expenses low and watch your spending.

Think about how you will design your website. No business can survive these days without a good website with high-quality content. This is how people will find your business if they need your services.

Promote your business by word of mouth among your friends and family, and by using social media. The more people you can bring in to your website, the more likely you will get more business.

Running your own business takes a lot of planning. If your put your best effort into it, you will reap its rich rewards.

It sounds like a a lot to do in the beginning but if you just get started with one piece at a time, your dreams will be fulfilled.

If you are looking to start a home based business that doesn't require a huge start up cost, no inventory or home parties click here to learn more about my partner company.



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