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Client Attraction

With out clients, You have know clients. Discover simple strategies to attract clients that you absolutely love to work with you!


It’s time to stop allowing your circumstances and self sabotaging beliefs to hold you back from living the life you were created and destined to live. Are you ready to move from where you are to where you really want to be in life.

Fund Your Passionate Vision

Are you struggling and looking for ideas to fund your passionate life and business. Discover how you can generate wealth online!

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Dollar Tree Success Strategy

In today’s video I share with you how you can easily scout out items for $1 and make a profit of $3 or more. May not sound like much but when you are selling like 8-10 items per day on average. This could quickly add up and  be a solution to helping you replace or […]

16 Dec, 2014 LaKeisha Hankins

She Quit Her Job, Purchased a Car, Bought a House, Exclusive Interview with Melissa Troupe

Check out the Awesome Melissa Troupe -First she bought a car Then she fired her boss Then she bought a house… Come watch her story!     Learn How I Made $3500 Online in Less Than 90 Days http://www.CreateWealthWithLaKeisha.com Stay Connected http://www.http://www.LaKeishaHankins.com  

11 Dec, 2014 LaKeisha Hankins

3 Action Steps to Help Your Make Your Money Propel You Forward Instead of Hold You Back

3 Action Steps to Help Your Make Your Money Propel You Forward Instead of Hold You Back In order for you to attract money in your life there are few things that must be done and that  starts with describing what financial freedom means to you. The term “financial freedom” is thrown around all over […]

9 Dec, 2014 LaKeisha Hankins
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