How To Sell On eBay With DS Domination

How to Sell on eBay with DS Domination


In this video LaKeisha Hankins is going to share with you how to sell on eBay with DS Domination. This video will provide you with some tips on how to find items to sell on ebay
with drop shipping,

Selling on eBay is fun to learn how to sell on eBay with DS Domination and get access to our team exclusive training visit my website at 

To Your Massive  Success

LaKeisha Hankins


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Goal Setting Is Only A Fraction Of The Success

goal committmentGoal Setting Is Only A Fraction Of The Success

I know you hear a lot of talk about goal setting and personally for one period of time, I was tired of hearing it, but I was also tired of not achieving the success I was visioning.  I don’t care what business you are in, it is important that you set goals. Your business goals should be based around your mission, but just setting goals is not enough if you want to be successful. Here’s what you need to do if you’re going to turn those goals into reality.

  1. Define Success. Before you can truly set goals, you need to define success. What does success look like for YOU? Is it an increase in revenue by 10%.  It is important that your goals all be focused around what you consider to be success for your business.
  2. Be Specific. Saying that you want more success serves you no purpose. Be specific when setting business goals. This can mean coming up with a series of small goals, or creating SMART Goals that have a  measurable target, a target date by which it needs to happen, and a list of steps taken in order to reach that goal.
  3. Goals Must be Action Oriented. Taking action is what manifest results. If you want to hit your goals, you have to take action. Want to increase your sales this month or quarter? What actions are you going to take to make those sales happen? Within your goal, include things like increasing your newsletter subscribers, attending live events, hosting workshops, selling more products to current customers by sending discount coupons, and other specific actions.
  4. Performance Oriented.  Once you have identified your goals and you are working towards your goals by taking action, you should be able to measure your progress. There should be some check points in place where you can check the status of the steps leading up to hitting your targeted goal.
  5. Evaluate Your Goals and System.  Now if for some reason you are not meeting your milestones, that can be a sign that you need to reevaluate what is working and what is not working, do you need to tweak your process or reevaluate your future goals, It may be that you’re meeting the action steps necessary, but they aren’t having the desired effect of increasing sales after all.

As you can see, having a goal is one thing, but breaking it down into something that will really transform your business for the better is another.


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You Need Clarity: How to Get What You Want

cid_50Law of Attraction: How to Get Clear About What You Want

In the realms of LOA, also known as Law of Attraction, we’re told to focus on and think about things we want. One of the tricks to this is to focus on what you really want. Have you given thought to the things you really want? Wanting more money is a good thought, and I’m sure you really want more, or maybe it’s simply the stuff money can buy that you want. If you do want money, for the sake of having money, have you considered the amount of money you want?


Let’s see if we can get clear on the things we want and weed out the things we really don’t want.

We want all kinds of things – stuff, job, money, love…happiness-quotes-10

However, we don’t always realize it, but sometimes our wants are firmly tangled with the wants of others around us. We want things because someone else wants it. It’s time to get clear on what YOU really want instead of letting the wants of others interfere.


Check your wants or desires in these areas:

Love - What do YOU think love should look like? What kind of relationship will make you happy? Have you really thought about that? Does your perfect relationship include getting flowers or candy on a regular basis? Does it look like a dream life where everything runs smoothly? Or, do you simply want to spend time with a partner who offers you mutual respect, support, understanding and affection?

Get clear about the kind of relationship you want and the kind of partner you want so you can attract the right person to you, not some ideal of what people think love should look like. A fairy tale romance is perfect for books and movies, but they rarely exist in real life. A stable, loving relationship is always a better choice.

Career - Are you in a career path that you’ve chosen for yourself or that someone else chose for you? Or did you choose this path because of the money instead of because it’s something you really wanted to do?

Or, if you don’t have a career, do you really want one?

It’s important to have a career that you’ll enjoy. Going to work every day is less tedious if you enjoy what you’re doing. Perhaps you’re perfectly fine with having a job. Perhaps you have a job and hate it, but it pays the bills. In that situation, you need to keep your job until something better comes along, but you also need to get clear on the type of job you want and the working conditions of that job. A poor working environment makes for a long day, a long week and a miserable working life. Of course, you often have to endure these things until you get what you want. Getting clear about the job or career you want and the kind of people you want to work with will help you attract a job or career that is more suitable for you.

Material items - Do you want certain stuff because of reasons that are true to you? Or do you want stuff because you’re filling an empty spot or because they’re status symbols?

Being clear on why you want things can help you decide what it is you really want. Will driving an expensive sports car make you feel any more important than driving a good dependable car? Would it be better to drive a less expensive car and use the money saved on other things?

Maybe material possessions aren’t that important to you. Maybe you’re just as content to have a modest home and furnishings, but would rather spend money on travel or buying things for others. No answer is right or wrong, only what’s right or wrong for you. Get clear on what it is you really want and what you want money and material items to accomplish and represent for you.

Money – This seems to be the big item with Law of Attraction. However, until you know how much you want to attract, you won’t be able to attract it. You need to figure out a real dollar amount and keep in mind how you decided that figure. Is it to live comfortably? To be able to give to charity? To have a big savings account? Until you get clear on an amount and how you intend to attract that amount, it won’t happen. Even once you determine these things it will still take time for everything to be put into motion. Don’t give up.

Yes, you can attract all kinds of things, but you have to become aligned with what you really want, not what you think you want or someone else wants for you. You will have to put everyone else aside, their wants, and determine what it is you truly want and what you want to accomplish by using LOA.


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Do You Need Social Media in Your Business?



Do You Need Social Media in Your Business?

Social media has become a marketers dream come true. When it first hit the scene a few years ago, you mostly found people chatting about their interests, connecting with people who had the same past-times and writers looking to connect. Business owners soon realized their audience was getting on board with social media, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Social media can be a scary thing though. It can also take up a lot of valuable time. So much that you may be wondering if you should even bother. Here’s how to determine whether it’s a good fit for you and your business.

Do you need social media in your business?

Do you have enough business to last you until you retire? Then the answer is no, you don’t need social media. But let’s be honest, do you have that much business? Do you want your business to grow or possibly stall? It’s true that it’s easier to keep and please existing customers than it is to find new ones, but if you aren’t on social media, you’re not only missing a lot of opportunity to get new customers, but also to connect with your current ones.

You also need to ask yourself this; can you really have too many customers? It never hurts to keep bringing in new ones. This is how a business grows and expands. And social media could open you up to a whole new audience.

In the past, businesses could rely on word-of-mouth, but these days that isn’t always enough. Having a good social media presence can work like word-of-mouth if your followers share your content with their followers. However, you need to create a compelling social media status that people enjoy and want to share. A few hot tips about your business could have the opportunity to go viral.

Can you afford traditional advertising methods? If the answer is no, then using social media is the cheapest way to advertise your business. It does take time, but as your business grows you can pay for advertising through social media outlets and extend your reach even further.

Do you have a faster way to interact with and answer customer questions? Social media is a great place to get feedback from your customers or your potential customers. You can answer questions and get to know them on a more personal level. Personal service is extremely important to people these days. You can build a life-long customer relationship simply by making people feel that they matter, they are important and that you desire to cater to their needs as best you can.

Many people claim that you’re not just building a business, you’re actually building relationships. This is a true statement and the best way to gain loyal customers. Taking your business entity to social media is an excellent way to build those relationships.

More and more people are looking for their favorite brands and products on social media than they are looking for just a website. If they can find you on social media, chances are they will click on through to your website to find out more information.

Social media can do wonders for many businesses. Sure, it isn’t a key marketing strategy for every business, but it’s becoming more and more common.

Unless your market isn’t really into using computers, the chances are that it can benefit greatly from being on and using sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Be sure to check out those sites to see how similar businesses are utilizing their existence and reaching their customers. This will help you decide if it’s a smart move for you.

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