3 Items to Sale on eBay for January

3 Items to Sale on eBay for January

Just because Christmas is gone it doesn’t mean that sales on eBay have slowed down.

What to saleJanuary is still a pretty busy month on eBay especially when you know what customers are looking for.

Here are 3 categorized items that are great sellers during the month of January

1. Fitness & Weight Loss products. This time of year people have set new years resolutions to lose weight and they are ready to shed the pounds, so this a great time to list fitness equipment, clothes, and our products. Don’t sleep on this, I can’t tell you how many juicers and ab rollers I sold last year.

2. Ski Apparel – What else in demand, Ski vacations are popular this time of year, so now is the time to list ski equipment, apparel, boots, gloves.

3. Beach Items– Just because it is winter in the US doesn’t mean it is in other parts of the world, I just got back from the Bahamas were it was 85 degrees and bathing suits are still selling, backpacks, beach bags, sunglasses, and accessories; you may not make a huge profit on accessories, but those small sales add up over time.

So if you are looking to increase your make money on eBay or increase your sales, list more items, people are still shopping, and e-commerce is huge because it is cold outside, so there are many people who prefer to ship online rather than deal with the cold and traffic.

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