3 STEPS To Unleash Your Passion, Passion, Purpose, & Profit (while building a successful business online)


This checklist will provide you with clarity and direction you need to package your Purpose, Passion and making money online!  It all boils down to having a game plan and taking action!

 Passion Strategist, LaKeisha Hankins 

I help Busy Female Entrepreneurs Unleash & Maximize their Passion, Productivity & Profitability by teaching and providing tools they need to create a thriving business online without sacrificing their family and sanity.

Learn How to REALLY make more money in your online business!


In this Free Checklist  You Will Learn How To:

  • How to build a profitable business around your Purpose and Passion.
  • Learn how to operate in your gifts, talents, and strength.
  • Identify your  Niche and Ideal Clients.
  • Create a Simple Sales Funnel that works!
  • Leverage your time, money, and expertise
  • and so Much More!!!!!

*BONUS:  7 Day Video Training 

I am passionate about helping women entrepreneurs create a thriving business online without the sacrificing their family and sanity.

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