4 Tips for Making Realistic Goals for Busy Moms

reality check4 Tips for Making Realistic Goals for Busy Moms

OK moms, Christmas has come and gone, it’s crazy it feels like the last two months have just flown by and now we are entering into 2014.  I am sure many of you as moms, are still asking what happened to the last year. It seems as moms, we lose so much time because we have families, businesses, jobs, and other responsibilities and we give a lot of our time, especially the time we use to have when we were not parents or in relationships.

This is the time of the year that many set New Year’s Resolutions and Goals, personally speaking now I see it as a joke. I use to be one of course who would set a goal to make more money,  get out of debt, lose weight etc. I would start off great or not start at all. I am not even sure why I set goals, maybe it was something I thought I was suppose to do because everyone else was doing or promoting it.

But just maybe you are too busy that you haven’t even thought about setting goals because you don’t have the time, that is a normal feeling.

I do believe we should set goals and go after them, but you don’t have to wait until the 1st of the year or next Monday, next week, whatever it is that you tell yourself! You can get started today, you just have to decide.

I do think goal setting is key, how else are you going to Unleash Your Passions.

Here are some realistic tips to help you get started!

  1. Take Time to Think About What You Want.  Take some quiet time and think about what it is that you want to accomplish in your life. Make sure the goals and dreams you write down you are willing to commit to, don’t waste your time writing down goals that you don’t really want. If you are hungry for change and your goals, you have a better chance of making it happen. If your goal is to lose weight, make sure you are doing it because this truly something YOU want to accomplish.
  2. Keep It Realistic.  Another reason many don’t accomplish thier goals is because they are unrealistic, so if they don’t see results fast enough due to a lack of patience, they are quick to throw in the towel.  Another goal that many set is to get out of debt, depending on how much debt it is not going to happen in one year, but the key to work towards it, maybe this is a 2 to 3 year plan, but again the important thing is having an action plan and taking action, and setting reasonable expectations.
  3. Take Baby Steps. If you are have a history of not achieving your goals, it may be better to start with something small. Most people are about to. Most people are able to achieve a goal when they see results. When small goals are set, and met, people stay motivated. Therefore, start with small goals.
  4. Create A Game Plan. One of my favorite quotes is, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”?   Make sure you have a game plan in place and more importantly is to make sure that your game plan is in alignment with who you are and also fits into your schedule with your family. As a mom there are so many other elements that you have to take into consideration, however make sure they don’t stop you from moving forward.Work your plan around your family’s schedule and figure out when you will be able to carve out time for yourself so you can work towards your goal. For example, if losing weight and getting fit is your goal, you are going to have to make time to work out. This can be difficult with kids, but it’s still possible when you look at your schedule and purposely schedule time in every day to work out…even if it’s only for 20 minutes. If you want to save more money and pay off a few outstanding bills, then you need to make a plan for how you’re going to do this. Otherwise, your money will continue to control you.

Yes, making and your goals as a busy mom, can be difficult, but it is not impossible. It will take commitment and some work on your part. If you follow the steps outlined above, take action, and Bonus Tip: Get some accountability, you can make your goals a reality!

Your Coaching Assignment: Write Down Your Goals and Create an Action Plan!


Make It A Great Week On Purpose!!

With love,



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