Are You Clear About The Life You Want?

home_clarityToday I want to talk to you about clarity. I had a conversation with one of my clients, who came to me because she was ready for change, wanted some empowerment, and ready to take her life to the next level, but really didn’t know where to begin. I asked her a simple question, what do you want ? and she quietly said, I don’t know. I encouraged her not to feel bad or discouraged this actually very common, because most of us are just going through life and really don’t know what it is we want because we are too busy just existing instead of living. She was stuck.. I gave her this short, yet powerful exercise which I am going to share with you. After our session together my client left having a sense of direction and clarity and feeling empowered because she knew what she wanted and where she was headed.

So my question to you, are you clear about the life you Want!

Can you see it, feel it do you believe it!
The easiest way to know what you want is to acknowledge what you DON’T want. So grab a piece of paper and pen, and draw a line down the middle of the paper and at the top of the left column put WHAT I DON’T WANT and list everything in your life you would like to let go….then go to the top of the right column and write WHAT I DO WANT and directly across from each thing you’ve listed in the left column write the opposite in the right column.

Empowering, you now know what you want! And I’m sure once your mind starts clicking in this direction it will come up with a few more ideas of what you want. I want you to envision it daily. Know that it is a reality and can happen to you. You are Amazing and Powerfully in control of your life!

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