Be Your Authentic Self

In order to walk in your Power and Purpose, it is important to be your True Authentic Self!

In today’s society there are way too many people trying to fit in or be who society says they should be they are too busy living someone else’s dream.

Being true to yourself means being confident in who you are and living your life on purpose. When you are authentic self you feel a sense of fulfillment, unspeakable, peace and joy and freedom.  It means not comparing yourself to people and knowing that you were created with greatness and that you have many gifts and talents that the world is waiting on and also that there is something that you do great that no one else can do better than you.

Here are two vital tips to increase become your true authentic self.

Increase Your Self Awareness. It is important to tap into your strengths and know your weaknesses which areas you need to improve, know what it is that you like. Get to know yourself on a personal deep level. This involves defining your core values but also living by them. Increasing yourself awareness will change the way you look at yourself and the way you perceive life. Self awareness helps you to conquer self sabotaging yourself. Increasing yourself awareness is a journey that requires more than reading there are a series of exercises and activities that can be completed to help you become your true authentic self.

Discover Your Purpose. Finding your purpose will be an enjoyable and life changing process. I didn’t say it was going to be comfortable and easy, there will be some challenges, some tears, some moments when you just want to give up and fear saying that you can’t do this, but you will get through it and you will feel a sense of joy, and fulfillment and wholeness. We are whole when we are one with God so we need to get connected with ourselves and with God. You have to recognize your divine source and know that you are not of the world, you are a child of God and can’t allow the world to distract you and create confusion, and fear of who you are and where you are destined to be. God has to be priority in your life and in this journey, and remembering the truth of where we came from we can be true to ourselves and stand firm on the promises of God.

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LaKeisha Hankins
Certified Life Reposition Coach
Exude Your Radiance the Inside -Out!



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