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LaKeisha provides you with strategies for your life and business and success principles, which will help you move from where you are to where you really want to be in your business and life.  We will eliminate the guess work out of what you should be doing and help you design an action plan that manifests results.

If you are ready to stop settling in life and ready to live the life you were created to live and ready for some No Excuse  Life Transformation Coaching ,we should talk to see if working together is a good fit, click here.

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Private Coaching & Mentoring Options


Business Breakthrough Strategy Session

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who is ready to take her business to the next level but feeling stuck, and frustrated with the results you are getting in any of these areas (Clarity, Client Attraction, Marketing, Profit Strategy, Sales Funnels, Systems and Business Plan Plan Development) a 90 minute breakthrough session may be just what you need if you are ready to achieve your next level of success.

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Virtual Group Coaching Program

The Unleashed Business program is  a 6 Week Intensive group coaching program designed for new/aspiring entrepreneurs who need help with putting systems and structures in place so that they can Unleash and Maximize their profits in in their online business.  Together we will eliminate the guess work out of what you should be doing and help you design an action plan that manifests results. It’s limited to 12 participants.

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Private VIP Day

Are you ready to take your life or business to the next level, but you need to do it quick and in a hurry to reach your goals. A VIP Day with Passion Strategist, LaKeisha Hankins is exactly what you need. This is an intensive one-on-one private coaching, by phone or face to face coaching that is designed to get you moving quickly and it is result oriented. A VIP Day is designed to fit your needs. VIP Days Bring Quick Results! 

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H260893_100003770232224_1696496655_ney Coach Lakeisha, I want to thank you so much for the coaching session it was such an insight to me and really helped me gain clarity for my dreams and visions in which way I am to start because before talking to you I was all over the place wanting to do everything at one time and I was getting know where.  Writing down my plan of direction was the best thing I could have started to do and as you say “cleaning house” meaning my many in and out boxes.  Thanks to your help I am already seeing a brighter vision without a bunch of clutter and baggage that I did not need. I look forward to the next session! Dulce Michelle Hawkins

December 5, 2014

Coach LaKeisha is EXCELLENT!! She honestly cares about you succeeding, not only in business but in life. I’m inspired by LaKeisha’s keen ability to zone into your strengths and encourage you in a realistic way to go after your dreams. Her way of giving you a simple blueprint for moving forward is priceless! Her voice has been a blessing to me, I encourage anyone that is ready to maximize your potential & get out of your rut (once and for all).It’s a must you connect with Coach LaKeisha, she is 100% the real deal! ~Nicole

December 5, 2014

carlaI was disorganized in my life and my business and I considered myself to be the queen of procrastination.  But, during the Discover Your Purpose program, I received expert coaching which guided me to the knowledge that I am a phenomenal business woman. And I have been getting organized and am working with a planner now to eliminate my instances of waiting until the last minute. As a result of the coaching program, I am more prepared to do business and my business is growing. My family is happier with me because I have found my true self in the process of finding my purpose.

So, my advice for those thinking of getting this information, run, don’t walk. You will grow in ways that you cannot imagine. Lakeisha Hankins is the Best Life Coach I have encountered in a long time, bar none. You owe it to yourself to find out why.

Thank You Lakeisha for your time and skill while you were working with me. I really appreciate it. Carla W. Kennedy Beauty Blogger at: Beauty and the Best & Lipstick and Other Things

December 7, 2014

"I hav10475711_830849543592355_2203834957003381867_ne known LaKeisha for a couple of years but just recently started working with her within the last few months, and she is a very compassionate coach and she thrives on seeing her team succeed. She is honest and very easy to work with. If you are looking for someone to push you beyond your comfort zone, she is your go to girl. Keep shining Lakeisha like the diamond you are.

December 5, 2014


Before starting working with LaKeisha, I doubted myself, was walking in fear while encouraging others to walk in faith, I didn’t believe I deserved success and felt I wasn’t good enough.  It wasn’t long after our discovery session that I realized that self-sabotage and my procrastination (disguised as perfection) was getting me absolutely NO WHERE. I had a fear of failure and it was so deep that it kept me from completing task so I had several unfinished projects and was going nowhere.

It’s amazing what you can discover about yourself by actually going through the homework assignments that we were assigned.
In just a month of the program I have discovered that I had been selling myself short, I know how powerful I am and that I am destined to do great things.   I punched fear in the face and made a video (after a 3 year hiatus) that was also uploaded to YouTube (over 2,500+ views) about how my life has changed, published and quickly gained 700+ followers on my fan page that hadn’t been published before because “it didn’t look as professional as everyone else’s” and launched my group fitness program less than 2 months of coaching!  I have also realized that everything I was “searching for” was already in me….from GOD and now I’m truly walking in faith and more transparent because I’m being my authentic self and finally FREE!

“I recommend LaKeisha’s 90 Day Transformation Program to anyone looking to change their lives, discover their true purpose or even to figure out what is keeping them from being successful and be willing to look deep within to reveal your true self.  My life will never be the same and I Thank you LaKeisha for pushing me into an uncomfortable place so that I could truly have an amazing breakthrough. Felicia Starks at

December 5, 2014


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