Discover How to Quickly Become The “Go To” Person By Simply Adding Value To People’s

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Every Tuesday & Thursday we coach you on how to live a more wealthy, healthy and prosperous life!

On this coaching call we’ll be discussing how you can quickly become the “go to” person by simply providing people with tremendous resources and tons of value.   Replay listed below.

Here are some nuggets  and take away’s that I received from today’s coaching call.

  1. When People Believe You They Follow You
  2. The Market Place Pays You in Direct Proportion of what you give.  – You can’t demand from the market place $10,000 when you are not giving a $10,000 value
  3. There is No Money Problem – It is an Idea Problem
  4. Create a Solution to a Problem
  5. People who provide solutions to problems are the ones who get paid the most.
  6. Figure out what you can do, that makes you unique that you can do that will be attractive to someone else
  7. Your Trust is Your Best Asset so make sure you are trust worthy
  8. What You Give a way you get to keep
  9. Make an Impact on a Daily Basis & Consistently do the work
  10. Partner with the Me

Listen to the Replay: Discover How to Quickly Become The “Go To” Person By Simply Adding Value To People’s Lives:


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LaKeisha Hankins
Passion Strategist

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