Do You Listen To Leaders

Are You Following The Leader ?????????????????

“ Leaders are Readers” was a term that I heard a few weeks that I began to ponder upon. In pursuit of happiness I have been seeking out mentors and leaders and I realize sometimes they may share a piece of advice and I would think to myself wow that is great, but didn’t implement the strategy because of the simplicity or I thought there was still a missing piece, but if leaders are readers, do you listen to the advice or the books they have told you to read?

Really think about that question?

If a multi-millionaire speakers tells you to go get a certain book (if readers are leaders) do you go out and grab that book or do you disregard the million dollar nugget they just shared, or just add it to your to do list?

I was on a mastermind group call with other leaders, and the speaker was talking about leaders being readers and doing what they say. I have to admit I have been ignorant and putting something’s off because I was looking for the secret ingredient, that I believed they were not sharing. Are you listening to the leaders?

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