Do You Trust God?

Do You Trust God?

This is one of the most important questions that you can ask yourself, and is something you may need to ask yourself quite often. It is an ongoing question, and the answer is a simple yes or no to whether or not you trust God. It is important that we trust God in every situation, are relationships, finances, health, you name it!

Your Purpose

It is important that you discover your purpose and it is something that should not be taken so lightly, you have talents and gifts that can change the world. Your purpose is your reason for being and starts with connecting with your true authentic self and having an intimate relationship with God. Once you tap into your purpose and your wisdom, you need a game plan, that supports you.

Your game plan should help you to develop your gifts and skills so that you can help yourself and help the world.

Without a purpose you are just walking through life aimlessly making decisions based on your emotions and that may not align with your vision, you are existing instead of living. I know you have heard it before but has it really sunk in and hit home?

I truly believe those who are not living authentically are more subject to making poor decisions, feeling overwhelmed, subject to negative thinking and people.

When you are walking in your Power & Purpose, you do trust God and it is a great feeling.

My advice is that you get clear, focused, reconnect with yourself and block out all the distractions and discover what it is that you are called to do.

Prepare your game plan, prepare for obstacles that lie ahead, and keep running full speed.

Know that you a destined for success and that you are a Conquer and everything you need is inside of you.

Always Remember!

You are Fearfully & Wonderfully Made. Psalms 139:14
Purposefully saved. John 15:16
Gifted for greatness, empowered to accomplish God’s will. Ephesians 1:17-21
Assigned to do great things. Matthew 28 1:10
You were created for greatness

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LaKeisha Hankins
Certified Life Reposition Coach
“Exude Your Radiance From The Inside Out”


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