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I meet so many people are living in an environment that they really don’t want to be in or working jobs that give them no fulfillment, the only reason they are there is because they think they NEED a JOB to pay the bills. So in this short article, I want to give you some FREE Coaching Tips a simple solution on how you can overcome life challenges.

Regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in, I want you to know that it is possible to have a life you desire, it starts with having enough motivation and desire to take action for your life.

This means that you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone, and I have to say what the majority of people believe is their comfort zone actually is not.  You may be scared to leave your job, because it pays the bills, but you realize when you look at the big picture that you really don’t like your job, or maybe even the people you have to work with each day, but you keep subjecting yourself to the vicious cycle. I will admit it i not easy, you have to conquer your fear and take risks.  You also have to be willing to stay focused no matter how hard or discouraging it gets when you decided to step out. Be prepared for any and everything to go wrong.  Be Willing to Be Uncomfortable!
Success is not just given to you, you have to want it. It takes passion, commitment, and time.
What are you willing to sacrifice in order to achieve success? Yes it requires sacrifice, it may mean having to separate from family, friends, giving up tv and entertainment. But in the end you will realize it was worth the sacrifice.
So what do you do? Below is some free coaching tips to help you when facing obstacles in life.  These tips will also serve as a guide for you to personally improve yourself.

  1. Bloom Where You Are Planted.  You have to learn to enjoy your current situation. Be able to see the good in life.  For example,w e lost our house which was like 2500 sq. ft and had to move to an apartment, it was so cramped up, I couldn’t stand it, I was miserable, but to turn it around since I knew I was going to be there a minimum of one year, I decorated and started painting the rooms, buying flowers. If you don’t like your house. Make your House your Home. You also need to learn to love the one’s you are around, you co-workers, employer, family and friends. Focus on their good qualities. 
  2. Be Patient. You also have to be patient and realize that the changes are taking place but you don’t necessarily see it overnight, somethings take time. So continue moving forward,chasing after your dreams and embrace the journey along the way.
  3. Don’t Look Down On Others.  Yep that is right as you begin to work on yourself sometimes it very easy to see the flaws in others.  Remember to be the light and continue to speak life into every situation, because what you give is what you receive. So always have a giving spirit.

Like I said very simple and doable and has you continue to live and experience life you will learn so many more life lessons and improve on the way.  Remember you are not alone, when you think your life is bad, remember someone else has it worse off than you, the only difference is that you are taking responsibility and action.


LaKeisha Hankins
Certified LRC, Home Business Owner, Internet Marketer


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