How to Develop a Wealthy Mindset – Day 2

How to Develop A Wealthy MindsetWelcome to Day 2 of our empowering blog series of How to Develop a Wealthy Mindset.

Let’s do a quick recap the first way to improve your relationship with money from How to Develop a Wealth Mindset Day 1:

Understand that we live in an abundant Universe, and our natural state of being is abundance.

The second of 3 ways to improve your relationship with money:

2. Understand that energy moves by nature, and if money is energy then it must move in and out. Trying to hold onto money with a belief that it’s not enough, or that it’s hard to come by, only keeps it from flowing to you. Therefore, you can start by being joyful when you pay your bills, or pay for a service. Don’t begrudgingly pay for things, because you are signaling the Universe that you don’t believe more is coming. Wealthy people never wonder if they will get more money, because they understand that they can attract more, and so they do.

Ever notice that the more you hold on to money, the less you seem to get?

That is why it is so important to shift your mindset about money and improve your relationship. You have to learn how to treat your money well. Your thoughts and feelings you have about money will manifest in the physical and you want to learn how to attract money vs repel money out of your life.

Begin to look out of new eyes, have a spirit of gratefulness. I began to be excited that I had money to pay for the services and products I was enjoying such as rent, payment. I am about the roof over my head and excited about the reliable transportation.

What you appreciate, appreciates. Whenever you spend any money, become aware of the service or product you are receiving in return. Appreciate those products and services and how they might have made your life more fulfilling. Any kind of bill or debt can be seen in a positive light. This will take practice and patience. You will be creating an extremely positive mindset that opens up your thinking to the arrival of abundance.


Make Money BloggingStay tuned for the third way to improve your relationship with money. Meanwhile, practice paying for things with an attitude of “it’s OK to pay for this now, because more money is flowing to me.”


To YOUR Success,

LaKeisha Hankins

Coach LaKeisha HankinsP.S. A belief is only a thought you keep thinking, therefore you can change your thoughts and change your beliefs about money and wealth! Think about it…


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