I Don’t Have Time For Foolishness

Yes, that is right I don’t have time for foolishness. I know you are probably wondering what is she talking about. You see today I woke up and all kind of distractions were waiting on me. Before I prepared to go to sleep last night, I prayed for you and for to God to send those my way that I could pour into and when I awaked this morning. I had 5 people who had registered for tonight’s call. So I did what I knew best, I praised God and I got all excited and then said wow, how can reach more women by tapping into the resources I already have, I am very grateful for my support system who is sharing this event with their friends and family. That speaks volume, so if you are reading this I am thankful for you.

Ok back to the foolishness I wanted to make sure I was tapping into all resources, so I thought before I run to drop my girls off at school. I will do a quick video and share one of the Radiant Tips that I will be sharing tonight, and all that is when all hell broke loose. I started recording the video and then the light started blinking battery dead, but it was plugged up so it made no sense, then I tried again, failed again I thought let me run and switch sockets and then the computer fell on the floor, so then I thought I will just do it when I get to where I am going and packed up my belongings, got to the car and there was a crack in my windshield this morning. I just kept thinking I am so glad that I am prayed up and praised up and someone please tell Satan to get his people off me. Lol. Really, please give him the message.

Anyway, I am sharing all this with because whatever you are going through and when you are about to receive your breakthrough, expect all hell to break lose, expect distractions, expect haters, but remain focus, don’t allow the foolishness to distract or discourage you. So I am praising God for the cracked windshield and the broken webcam. I am walking with Purpose and Power and Exuding my Radiance. I would love for you to join me on the journey.

If you have not registered for the call it is not too late. Visit http://eepurl.com/dTfQv



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