Monday Motivation: It’s Better If You Leave It Behind

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As we prepare for the New Year, I want to encourage you to begin to think about what do you need to leave behind in order to make 2014 your best year.  This is will be your year to make BOLD decisions and take actions that support your dreams and visions for your life. For many this year will be like staring over, a year of new beginnings, but you can’t go into 2014 with the same old thinking, baggage, fears, doubts, bad habits.  Whatever it is that is draining your energy or sucking the life out of you now is the time to let it go!

Here is a journal assignment, during your quiet time make a list of things you need to leave behind and not carry into 2014.


Then step out on faith and trust God and yourself, we hold on to many things because of fear.


Meet LaKeisha
Meet LaKeisha

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