It’s Never To Late To Figure It Out

Since you’re reading this blog,I am assuming that you are ready for change. You may feel like like something is missing in your life, but can’t quiet put your finger on it, maybe you know what it is but on the other hand maybe you are feeling clueless about what you should be doing with your life.Can you imagine how this world would Evolve, if we were all living the lives we were supposed to be??? Yes, we were all placed on this earth for  a reason and our pain is actually tied to our success whether you want to believe it or not.  You have something inside of you that is dreaming to get out. You need to cultivate it. You actually owe it to the world!There are many people out their fulfilling their dreams, just proof and evidence that dreams do come true. I am fulfilling my dreams by empowering other women to step into their greatness, by helping them create an extra income.  Look at Oprah for example we all know her story and how she is one of the most powerful women in the world despite how she was poor, African American , and even sexually assaulted. She is No different than you and I, the only difference is that she decided to not allow her circumstance to determine her life. If she can be successful why can’t you?

Now, I am not saying that being successful means you have to achieve some form of celebrity status, you have to decided what success means and looks like for you. Dream It! Believe It! Achieve It!
Some of you know what you want and always have but just don’t know how to achieve it. If that sounds like you are ahead of the game. But if you don’t know what you want in life, it is a  strong possibility that you are lacking clarity and you feel lost.  When I talk to people, I find that they open op and share that they don’t know what it is that their passionate about. If that is you my friend, don’t worry this is a common problem.

Maybe you stopped dreaming because you believe dreaming is for kids.

Maybe you stopped because you don’t believe you are afraid of failure.

Maybe you stopped dreaming because you believe that going after your dreams or selfish, because you have a family to take care of.

Living your life without passion, without a dream is like going on a road trip across the road and getting in your car and driving without gas or a map. Think about it when you plan a trip you need a map or gps to help you get to your designated destination. You need a method of transportation to travel there: and of course all sources of transportation require fuel to power them.

  • Living your life on purpose is very much like a journey or planning a trip

  • The things you love and enjoy doing are the vehicle you travel in.
  • Your natural talents and gifts are the gps that show you how to get to your destination.
  • the things that are important to you are the destination
  • your passion is the fuel the powers the whole operation

Can you see the big picture when it all comes together the impossible takes place, you begin to walk in your purpose? This same principle should be applied to your life.
And as it has been said before, failing to plan often means planning to fail.Journal Assignment:  Start today with making a list of your hobbies and interests.  What is your favorite thing in the world to do? Write it down even if it doesn’t pay the rent.

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LaKeisha Hankins
Certified Life Reposition Coach & Home Business Coach
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