It’s Time To Take Your Life Back!!

It’s our time, our time to reclaim our power and take our lives back. I was speaking to a client this week and just realizing how we just get caught up and just existing and doing and the day to day routine from the time the alarm clock goes off until the time when it is time to turn the TV off and call it a night, only to do it all over again and in our session we were talking about identifying her passion and finding herself….  So we took a trip down memory lane and she kept saying the words

I use to love going swimming….. I use to love spending time with my girlfriends…I use to love listening to music..

I used to…I used to…I used to…

What’s happened to us? What has taken over our lives? And how can we reclaim it back?

Speaking personally, I know my work and my children became my life and I stopped giving to myself, because I was happy as long as my kids were happy and the bills were paid, but I remember waking up one day in 2008 and just not happy…sure I had my moments of happiness but deep down inside I felt lonely and as if I was missing out on living life. I started on a journey of self-discovery and this journey has been filled with so many emotions, pain, joy, contentment, exciting, overwhelming, but the better I came to understand myself I made a vow to live life and take my life back.  I had to get it back, because that is not how I wanted to live my life..if others were happy and doing things they enjoyed doing, I believed the same thing could happen for me and I want you to know it can happen for you to, but you have to want it!!!

It’s time to reclaim your life back

And if you are ready!!

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