Time to Crush Some Goals

2017 is officially here, and so many have declared this to be there year. It’s one thing to claim it, but if you don’t plan it and take the necessary action steps it will never happen.

When working with my clients, before we start the goal setting process we gain some clarity, because it’s important to set goals that are in alignment with who you are and where you want to go.

Start thinking about your goals for this year. When setting goals they should be SMART- Specific, Measurable, Realistic and Time – Based, it will help you set better goals and they will be the kind of goals that are more likely to achieve.

Set short time and long term goals.  Download My FREE Goal Digger Worksheet

Here are 7 areas of your life that I want you to set goals for:


  1. Pray & Meditate Daily
  2. Fast every three month for clarity and direction.
  3. Serve in the youth ministry
  4. Increase my faith and belief that I can hit my goals in 6 months. It is possible

My vision is that I will be consistently in the word of God studying, also I am incorporating meditation into my life, I need to continuously increase my prayer life and my faith, so that I am able to hear from God boldly & clearly so making sure I block out distractions, so that everything that I do is in alignment with my vision and purpose for my life. I know that I am called to serve in the children’s ministry, so I need to mentally, physically plan for that.


  1. Exercise 2-3 times per week
  2. Start eating right and removing unhealthy foods out of my life.
  3. I want to juice 1 time per week



  1. Spend more time with my children
  2. Travel to Las Vegas and visit my family more often.
  3. I want to be able to take more “me” time, enjoying the spa, massages, pampering,  relaxation.
  4. Have happy and fulfilling relationships


  1. Earn $4,000/month from my coaching business with my services and products.
  2. Pay down debt – have a plan in place.
  3. $10,000 Emergency/Savings (add more money to emergency and savings fund)


  1. Full time with Coaching Business with 20 ideal clients
  2. Launch other products. CD sets.
  3. Create a monthly membership program
  4. Build a list of ideal clients
  5. Continue Training and Investing in Personal Development
  6. Live Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Short Term 1- 4 years

  1. Self Publish a book
  2. Be able to travel to destinations such as Africa, Paris, Dubai etc.
  3. Start an annual retreat

Long Term  5 -10 years

  1. My long term goal is to be financial free and enjoying life and walking in my power and purpose, earning about $20k per month and DEBT Free no more student loans. I want to continue to grow personally and bless others with my business and also being able to start a Non Profit Organization for teen girls that deals with self confidence, self worth, and self esteem etc.








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Are You Setting the Right Goals for Yourself?

Are You Setting the Right Goals for Yourself?

Are You Setting the Right Goals For Yourself








Are You Setting the Right Goals for Yourself?
There is a lot more to goal setting than just picking a goal and moving forward. While that is important, it’s also important to ensure that you are setting the right goals at the right time so that you can truly be successful. In order to ensure that you are setting the right goals for yourself, answer the following questions:

Are You Setting Specific and Realistic Goals?

It takes a little research to ensure that a goal is realistic. If you’re not sure if something is actually achievable then you’ve not done enough research. Once you’ve set a goal that is indeed realistic, then you need to be specific enough in your description of it so that it’s also easy to take the goal, and work backwards to create a schedule of actions needed to succeed.

Are Your Goals Multifaceted?

Focusing on only one part of your life is a bad idea. People live multifaceted lives and need to make goals for all areas of their lives in order to feel successful. If you have a wonderful business and career but your personal life suffers, then no matter how successful you are, you will not feel successful. Something will always feel as if it’s missing from your life if your goals aren’t inclusive. Therefore, make sure your goals include something from each aspect of your life.

Is Your Scheduling Representative of Real Need?

Once you create the schedule for yourself to reach each goal that you’ve set, you need to truly consider how representative it is of reality. Say your goal is to be healthy and reduce your cholesterol by 10 percent in six months. But, you haven’t set aside the time needed to exercise and eat right. If you don’t schedule in the time needed, you won’t succeed because something will always be in your way taking time away from you. It will be very frustrating to practice your schedule because it doesn’t represent reality.

For instance, if you are going to exercise 30 minutes per day, setting aside only 30 minutes isn’t going to be realistic. You’ll probably need to set aside an hour to account for getting ready as well as cooling down or getting cleaned up to go back to work.

Are You Learning from Failure?

Many times when setting goals and schedules, instead of learning from failure, people give up. Using the example above, once you implement your schedule to reach the goals that you have set, when you notice there are things you’ve forgotten to take into account, don’t give up. Learn from the failure and change the schedule to be more realistic.

You might find that in practice you have to rewrite all your goals and your schedule, but this is perfectly acceptable. Many people believe failure is something negative, but the truth is, if you don’t fail sometimes you’re not going to learn much and it’s likely your goals are too easy.

Do Your Goals Represent Your Needs and Wants or Someone Else’s?

A lot of people set goals that represent what someone else wants instead of what they want. This can really cause a lot of bad feelings and resentment which can derail the best laid plans. As you set your goals for your life, ask yourself if they’re really what you want for yourself or what someone else wants for you. Ask yourself if you’re okay with any goal you make being for someone else before you embark on your journey.

It’s okay to do things because of someone else, but it’s important that you are honest about that and make some goals for yourself too that don’t involve anyone else’s needs or wants.

Are You Checking in Often to Stay on Track?

Schedules are very important to the success of reaching any goal in life. To do lists pale in comparison to a well laid out calendar of tasks and activities that get you from point “A” to point “B”. Ensure that you look at your schedule every morning and every night and note when you succeed on sticking to your schedule and where you don’t. Noticing a pattern of activity can be helpful in fixing a poorly written schedule as well as staying realistic about whether or not you’re sticking to the plan.

Are Your Goals Focused Positively?

When writing a goal it’s important to write them in a positive way, or at least a way that feels positive to you. In the quest to improve your life, try writing down a goal and then changing the words to sound more positive to see if it isn’t more motivating. For instance, “losing weight” seems like a good goal, but for some people it might signify deprivation. So instead, the person might frame the goal as “improving my BMI by 10 points” or “improving my cholesterol by 10 percent.”

Do You Have Too Many Goals Set at One Time?

Just as setting too few goals can be a problem, so can setting too many. Everyone has a personal life and a career life and points in between. If you have set goals in too many areas of life at once, you might tire yourself out and get overwhelmed. Instead pick one personal goal, and one other type of goal to focus on until you reach them, and then you can add more goals as time goes on. You don’t need to do everything today. Slow and steady wins the race is a good motto to hang on to.

Setting the right goals for yourself takes some thought and consideration. Don’t try to set all your goals in one day – instead, set some goals in different stages and in different areas of your life and give a lot of thought to why you’re making the goal in the first place.

Live with Passion,




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Five Things You Can Do Today to Achieve Your Goals 

Five Things You Can Do Today to Achieve Your Goals 

5 Things You Can Do Today

There is a lot more to achieving any goal than just having the goal. But it is a first step. You may wonder how some people seem so great at achieving their goals while other people aren’t so good at it. Part of the reason why some people fail is that they do not have a specific goal, one that is clear and focused. In addition, they do not have a schedule of action to actually work toward achieving the goal. In order to meet any goal, start doing these five things today.

1. Craft Clear, Specific and Doable Goals

For any goal to be achievable it must first be clear and very specific. But, it also must be possible. You do want to challenge yourself a bit, and set the goal high, but you want to ensure that any goal you set is possible. Therefore, you will need to do a little research in order to set a goal. For instance, let’s say your ultimate goal is to lose 50 pounds.

Obviously, anyone who needs to lose 50 pounds and sets their mind to it can do so, but they can’t and shouldn’t do it in one month. So an unreasonable goal is “I want to lose 50 pounds in a month.” Instead, a more reasonable and doable goal is to state “I want to lose 50 pounds in 30 weeks.” This is in line with health recommendations not to lose more than 2 pounds per week, and gives you a little cushion for plateaus and other issues.

2. Each Goal Needs Set Actionable Tasks

Additionally, any goal that you really want to meet needs to have the “why” and the “how” included with the “what” of the goal. In the example above you want to lose 50 pounds in 30 weeks, which will be a little less than 2 pounds per week. You’ll need to look at your diet, compute the number of calories you should consume and the amount of exercise you need to see those results.

Thankfully, today there are online calculators to help you determine this easily, but let’s say that you determine that if you consumed 1800 calories a day, and walked for 20 minutes each day, you would achieve your goal that you set within the time limit. So, now you need to include planning your meals and fitting in the exercise necessary to reach your goal. But because of the research you did, you know exactly what is needed to be successful with the goal you set. You can see a clear path to success just by going further and adding these actionable tasks:

* Eat 1800 calories a day
* Walk fast for 20 Minutes per day

Seeing that in black and white you can see that it’s very doable and achievable. But, there are a few more steps necessary to achieve your goals.

3. Schedule Everything

Do not leave anything to chance. Instead, schedule in the work necessary to reach your goals into a real calendar. Writing a list isn’t good enough – you need to schedule in everything so that you don’t miss a single day due to losing track of your schedule. You’ll need time to eat healthier, which requires more chopping and cooking, and you’ll need time to fit in the exercise, which is going to really take more than 20 minutes due to prep time and recovery time. You need to be realistic about how long each thing will take and schedule them into your day properly.

4. Take Action

No goal will ever be achieved if regular action isn’t taken each day. Each morning, look at your calendar and follow through on the plans that you’ve made and the criteria you’ve set for yourself to get things done. All you have to do is the minimum necessary each day to reach your goal. When you get through each day having done the minimum, you’re a success – each and every single day. There is nothing else that can be the result of daily action other than success when you think of it this way.

5. Repeat

Finally, you’ll need to repeat these steps every single day. When you make very specific and clear goals with very specific steps to achieving the goal, based on reality, you will soon discover the secret to success that seems to escape so many people. The real secret is in the doing. It’s like going on a long hike – if you take one step at a time, moving in the direction of the map that you’ve planned out for yourself, you will get to the end and you will be a success.

Reaching your goals is just a matter of setting reasonable and realistic goals, and then setting up a schedule of actionable tasks and steps that bring about the end result you want. You can start today to achieve your goals.

Live with Passion,




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How to Persist (And Come Out On Top) During the Ups and Downs of Managing an Online Business

How to Persist (And Come Out On Top) During the Ups and Downs of Managing an Online Business

How to Persist (And Come Out On Top) During the Ups and Downs of Managing an Online Business

It happens in every business – one day, you’re on top of the world and the next you’re tapping all your inner (and outer) resources to keep going. Business, like life, is unpredictable and your ability to be persistent in your goals when everything seems to be falling apart is necessary to live life to the fullest and take your business to the pinnacle of success.

Here are a few ways that business owners can persist while in the face of difficulties and beyond:

  • Think clearly about the path ahead. You know there will be obstacles on your path to business success. When you’re focused on the path and imagine the journey to get to the point of success you can better handle any obstacles that may block your way.
  • Be passionate about your business. To be successful in anything in life, passion has to be a part of your mindset. When you become discouraged, it’s important that you stop and think about why you wanted to own a business. Rekindle your enthusiasm for your business by having a purpose to go on and focus on that purpose.
  • Make a commitment to your business success – Dedicating yourself to your business is much liking taking vows in a marriage. You’re taking a pledge to do everything you can to put your physical and mental abilities into the business to make it a success. And, similar to a marriage partner, you should know everything you can about the business before taking the big step to commitment.
  • Ride the waves with grace – both up and down – As a business owner, you’ll be faced with good times and bad. Hopefully, you’ve planned ahead and can face both with a positive attitude. During the down times persistence pays off like at no other time. Keep to the plan and you’ll come out ahead.

Whether you’re on a mission to lose weight, learn a new language or manage your online business, persistence is the key to success. Practice it in all areas of your life.


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