Blogging is Alive & Well

Blogging is Alive & Well

blogging is alive

Blogging is Alive & Well!

Social media is definitely changing how we receive and look at information and some are saying blogging is dead and that social media has killed it. However, they are dead wrong. In fact blogging is often the backbone for many businesses. Blogging is alive and well.  Blogging allows you to generate influence, build your authority and cultivate relationships with your clients and customers, while reaping the benefits of making a living doing something you, hopefully, love.

As long as you are giving value or entertaining your audience, your audience will read it so keep blogging and if you haven’t started a blog, now is the time, a blog is your online real estate.

FACT: 37% of marketers say blogs are the most valuable type of content marketing. (Source: Content Plus)

FACT: Company websites with blogs get 55% more visitors (Source: Content Plus)

FACT: 46% of people read blogs more than once a day. (Source: HubSpot)

FACT: Most people read 5-10 blogs. (Source: HubSpot)

So what is a blog really? A blog is an online website that has entries known as posts that appear from last entered to first in chronological order. Blogs feature comments from their readers, links to other sites and products and interaction with social media platforms. The format of blog posts can be written, images, videos, audios or any combination of these. Most blogs are created using specific software such as WordPress or Blogger.

There are many reasons people blog. Probably the original reason was to express thoughts and opinions, and that’s still a popular reason to blog. People also blog when they have something they want to market or promote, such as for a business or yourself.

Another reason is to help other people in similar situations as you, such as in parenting or health-related blogs. Or you might want to blog to establish yourself as an expert in your topic.

You could start a blog to connect with like-minded people. Or to make a difference in a cause you are passionate about, like social or environmental issues.

A good many blogs are created to make money by promoting products or services as well as other income-generating activities.

Other people simply blog as a creative outlet and to have fun. They may dedicate their blog to a particular actor or hobby.

Just about anything you want to know can often be found online in a blog. Not all of these blogs are profitable; some are just for information, some for non-profit.

If you’re like many new bloggers, you are most likely wanting to make your blog profitable. You need to know, though, that not all topics will be profitable. It’s best to do some research before you jump in with writing posts. You’ll want to see if there are people spending money in your niche.

You don’t want to be a copycat niche either. You’ll want to develop your own unique voice that people will listen to and come back for more.

Finally, you need to know what your unique selling proposition is, so people will instantly recognize your brand.

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It’s In You: Unleashing Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

It’s In You: Unleashing Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

It's In You Unleash Your EntrepreneurialIt’s In You: Unleashing Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

Everybody is able to become an entrepreneur if they desire to become one. But, it’s likely you might have to let go of old ways of thinking and doing some things. You may have to push your boundaries like you never have before, and for sure, you have to get over the idea that when you work, even if you’re not productive, you’re going to collect a paycheck. Entrepreneurs only get paid when they accept opportunities, involve themselves in innovation and create value for their audience. The market place will pay you based on the proportion of value you deliver.

That might feel challenging right now, especially if you’re use to going to work Monday through Friday, going to tons of meetings, looking busy, and doing what you’re told and collecting a paycheck at the end of the week all without having to push through a single boundary or challenge yourself in any way. But, take heart, you can do it, it’s in you. Unleashing your entrepreneurial mindset just takes learning to think and take action in a new way.

Determine Who You Are Now & Who You Desire to Become

It all starts with being honest with yourself about who you are now. A great way to get to know you is to take a personality test. When you take it, whether it’s this one at 16 Personalities  it will help you get to know yourself. The key to taking these tests and getting helpful answers is to be completely honest. There is no right or wrong answer. But, the answers will give you a clear picture of who you are right now and where you can improve. It’s the best 12 minutes spent, I highly recommend this one for my coaching clients.

What are your values? – You can determine your values by your former actions when confronted with an obstacle or decision that you had to overcome or make. These are the times that your real values emerge, not just the ones you say you believe in. Look back on your own choices and determine your real values. If you have made mistakes and gone against your core values, identify those times and determine how you can make a different choice.

What are your skills? – Even if you’re not currently an entrepreneur, you already have skills that you can put to use as an entrepreneur. Make a list of what you do today. Focus on the deliverables that you provide your employer without too much help from others. These are the skills that you have that should be the basis of your entrepreneurial venture.

What are your strengths? – You’ve heard the idea that you need to leverage your strengths but how do you even know what they are? Using one of the self-assessments mentioned above, you can find out what your strengths are. When you know them, try to be honest so that your results come out realistic. Take off your rose colored glasses so that you can determine your real strengths. Try asking five of your closest friends to tell you the truth about what your strengths are, and then if more than three of them say the same thing, believe them.

What are your weaknesses? – While you can improve upon your weaknesses, you should first leverage your strengths, but it’s important to know your weaknesses and accept them. It’s still more important to appreciate your efforts, and to understand that the past is a good indicator of how you’ll act in the future. If you know for example that you’re always five minutes late, accept it, instead focus on something positive. That doesn’t mean you don’t work on this habit, but don’t focus on it instead of your strengths.

Only when you know who you really are, the good and the bad, will you be able to truly know yourself enough to be brutally honest about your strengths and weaknesses. It’s important because you cannot move forward if you aren’t honest. You don’t have to tell others, just tell yourself. It can help to know what the top traits of a successful entrepreneur are.

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