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Are You Ready to Unleash Your Best Life? 


The Unleash your life coaching program is a 90 day  journey that is Guaranteed to transform your relationships, finances and all aspects of your life. It is time to reconnect with your true authentic self, take the limits off your life, and shatter your dis-empowering beliefs so you can live and Extraordinary Life.

It’s time to stop allowing your circumstances and self sabotaging beliefs to hold you back from living the life you were created and destined to live.

In this life changing 90 day program, LaKeisha provides you with life changing success principles, that will help you move from where you are to where you really want to be in life.

You will learn how to increase your confidence, over obstacles, begin to walk in your Power & Purpose, live your life be design not default, learn how to reprogram the mind, let go of what no longer serves you, so that you can transform every aspect of your life!

The 90 day program focuses on 7 areas of your life Spirituality, Health, Relationships, Family, Finances, Career, and Happiness!

  • Are you ready to move forward in a powerful?

  • Are you stuck and need more clarity?

  • Do you need more balance, love, success, and wealth in your life?

  • Get Ready To Transform Your Life!!


 My Proven Breakthrough System Will Help You Change Your Life from the Inside & Out!

You Will Receive:


  • One 45-60 minute Private Discovery and Awareness Breakthrough Strategy Session

  •  Three 30 minute, monthly private one-on-one phone sessions for three months

  •  Unlimited email support. During the duration of the coaching program you can submit questions. You will receive a coaching response withing 24- 48 hours. (Monday-Thursday)

  •  MP3 Recording and Download of each session


Are You Ready?

Taking Action is What Manifest Results



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Your investment for Individual Breakthrough Coaching” is available for a  $150 per month

Minimum 3 Month Commitment to Yourself & Program  To Obtain Desired results

Total Investment for 3 Months is Only $450


Pricing Options

Pay Full Pay Only $400 ~ $50 savings!

 Bi- Weekly – $75 Every Two Weeks Sign Up Now!

Schedule Your Complimentary Strategy Session Today!!!

What Others Are Saying……



BDancyThe time I spent working with LaKeisha has helped me to not only create goals, but to create a sense of health, peace, and balance in my internal life. She worked with me to clarify my priorities, to clear away the clutter and distractions that everyday life throws at me, and to keep my eyes on what is important. LaKeisha’s gift is that she is able to be transparent and she knows how to balance between being thoughtful and giving, while still being patiently persistent in holding me accountable to my goals.


She helped me realize change is not always instantaneous (something that I am used to seeing) but a continuing process; however, if I take measured steps and use faith as a tool, I will begin to see the results I seek in my life. You know what, she was/is absolutely correct. During our short time together, I am able to focus on the seven key areas of my life and beginning to see a revolution in areas where I was once stuck.


The hardest part of the program was accepting the accountability of my decisions and taking responsibility for the role they played in my life. It’s not easy work to change your life for the better, but when you are working with LaKeisha, she brings such a warmth and a generosity of spirit, that the process was satisfying, productive, and transformative.” I have worked with life coaches before, but it’s her unambiguous approach to life challenges that made the most impact in my life. I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a top-notch coach” – BD

December 5, 2014

OmarBecause of the presence Coach LaKeisha has blessed me with; my life has changed and gone down the path I have always prayed for. Her words of encouragement, her passive yet aggressive way to get her student to face who they are and who they want to be, and her genuine love and respect for those in her surroundings. The day we first talked on the phone when she interviewed me, I knew we were a perfect match. The old saying goes, “When the disciple is ready, the master will appear.” I was ready. I had been asking, praying, and looking for my coach, one that was ready to take my life to the next level. She appeared and was very attentive to my desires in life. I admit, I had no clue that my life coach would be a woman. The greatest part about our connection is that when I talked to her on the phone, I knew she was the one I desired to help me become the Omar I knew I needed to be. Coach LaKeisha is a powerful, strong, and caring young lady and I thank her so much for all that she has done and all that she will continue to do for me, my family, and everyone else she encounters in her life time. Her name will live on forever and I am very proud to say, we crossed paths and because of that my life will never be the same. Every chance I get I mention her because everyone deserves to know who help create the change they see in me. Coach LaKeisha is a leader that leads leaders into greatness and no one can take that away from her. I am truly blessed to be in the presence of greatness…

Thank you Coach LaKeisha for changing my life and helping me give birth to the Omar I desired to be.

Omar December 5, 2014

ChanicaWords can’t describe the feeling of having someone to guide, coach, and mentor me at the same time. Within just a short amount of time, I can easily say that I’m now ready to live to my full potential. Lakeisha Hankins has helped me to realize that I did not know” ME”. I now have an action plan in process to help me get to know who I am, what I have to offer, exude my radiance from the inside out, and discover my own soul purpose. I’m gaining the confidence to take on the world, no longer feeling powerless. Improvement comes with time, dedication, and guidance. I believe that having a life coach, means having all of the above. I can say that I have a better understanding about a lot of things in my life now. Thanks to Lakeisha and the “life wheel” for helping me to come forward with what is negative in my life. I can now bring out the positives. Sincerely, Chanica Fountain

December 5, 2014


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