What Brings You Joy?

So I wanted to start with talking about what is life purpose, because a lot of people are going through life guessing and getting hurt and having regrets from some of the decisions and choices that they make.  I know this personally because before really discovering my purpose, I was all over the place and making decisions based on my emotions and how I felt at that time.  But making those decisions and having all those experiences were all apart of discovering who I was and who I was called to serve. I had to go through it to find my purpose!  Your life purpose makes up who you are.

We were all born with a purpose, and your purpose is the reason why you are here on this planet. Once you know your purpose for living, it takes all the guess work out of making important life decisions.  And that can save you a lot of money, headaches, heart aches and time.

Once you know you start living your life on purpose there are many benefits to reap. such as

  • Living each day with clarity and meaning
  • You will be able to find balance in your life despite any setbacks
  • Make tough decisions easily – instead of making decisions based on your emotions, you can clearly ask yourself is that in alignment with my vision and purpose for my life?
  • You will be able to have more energy, vitality, and enjoy peace, really enjoy life
  • Also attract new relationships

My goal is to help you connect to your true self and this may mean you have to shatter your current belief system and spend some time connecting with God and yourself.  It may require you to stop fighting and what i mean by stop fighting stop trying to do things on your own (give example getting  a second job, joining a MLM company, dating certain people, spending money wastefully ,etc) you are going to have to let something go in order to become the person you were destined to be.  So once you surrender and give up the fight you will become successful, find love, be healthy and live in peace…most of the time.. I say most of the time because you will still have some challenges, but how you decide to deal with it makes all the difference.

I also want to let you know that your purpose, doesn’t have to be this huge calling, it doesn’t mean you have to become a priest, missionary etc. I say that because some people run from finding their purpose because they thing it’s something that cant do and I want to encourage you no matter how scary it sounds, god will equip you with the tools, resources and people to get it done. you just have to take the first step and trust him.

Finding your purpose can be fun!

One of my favorite quotes. You must be the change you wish to see in the world and enjoy every step of your journey.

How would you feel if I said, you already know exactly what you are supposed to do with your life. you will probably say if I did I wouldn’t be on this call right now, or maybe you do know your purpose but your just not walking in it right now.

So how do you find your purpose, you find your purpose by getting to know yourself and reconnecting with your true self. In order to do this you need to follow your inner voice or what i know as the holy spirit. your soul is always trying to guide you through life but if you are too busy or just ignoring that little voice you wont hear it and you could possibly make the wrong turn. Have many times have you had a feeling you should do something or call someone and you don’t do it.

I want you to write down the following question

What is it that brings you the most joy? What do you enjoy doing so much that you just lose yourself, by losing track of time.

Many people disregard their purpose, because they think of the money attached to it! I want you not to focus on the money.

It may seem crazy and obscure but just allow it emerge, it is time to awaken the dreams that you placed on the back burner

I know it might seem crazy, but i would have never imagined that I would be putting together a  program to help others discover their purpose, or being a changing force in the lives of other women and now I cant imagine my life not doing this.

you have a purpose too and it is based on your unique gifts and talents. It is time to stop trying to figure out life and start looking within yourself.

So today’s assignment is to again write down What is it that brings you the most joy?

Make a list of all the things in life that bring you joy.the more expansive the list the better it will be …Allow yourself to dream big, don’t limit yourself.

Exude Your Radiance

Life Coach


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