You Have What It Takes To Lead The Pack

women leadersIt’s Time For You to Lead The Pack!

One of the many things I had to do when I started to walk in my purpose was separate myself from others and also get to a place of quietness and learn to be still and wait on direction from God.

In finding my purpose my journey began three years ago with empowering women to take better care of themselves with emphasis on self care and personal development. This required stepping outside of my norm and doing the uncomfortable such as speaking in front of others, hosting monthly workshops and lifestyle gatherings. However it became natural and I enjoyed doing it and seeing lives transforming and knowing that because of God I was able to help others, but I became too comfortable and stagnant.

During my self-discovery God directed my family and I to Georgia. I was excited about the relocation because I knew it was time for a new beginning and God had to move in order to fulfill his purpose because I became too comfortable.

The move is necessary when there is a call or assignment on your life and obedience is better than the sacrifice. When you start to walk in obedience it is pleasing to God’s eyes and you will connect with your real authentic self. In order for you to walk in purpose and bring change to the world it is necessary that you go through the changes and don’t let fear distract you!

What areas of your life have you been playing small in? You know just taking a seat and being a member of the pack knowing that God is calling you to lead the pack… Take a minute and think.

Are you involved in any church activities, memberships, boards, groups, work committees?

What is the one thing you can now take the lead on?

Maybe you have been playing small with your friends. You know in your heart that they need a leader. Why haven’t you stepped up? If they are always coming to you with their problems, it’s because they need you to be the leader.

Whatever area you have been playing small in, it’s time to stop. Why? Because there are folks waiting on you to dare to be different, to step away from the pack and take the lead!

What will you take the lead on?

I am now willing to lead___________________________________

How will you do it? What are the steps?

When will you do it?

Who or what do you need to let go of, leave behind, in order to accomplish this task?

Are you willing to step out front and leave them behind?

Let take the giant step now and leap out on faith. Write in your journal what it felt like to take the lead.


Coach LaKeisha HankinsLaKeisha Hankins
Your Life & Network Marketing Success Coach

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