How to Create an Atmosphere You Love

Originally Posted on the Blog Nov 2013

Do you want to create an atmosphere you love?

The key is being ORGANIZED!

How organized are you??

There are many physical benefits to organization, but did you know that organizing your space can also have positive mental and spiritual advantages?

Purging your home and workplace of clutter and unnecessary items can symbolize a deeper process of cleansing and purification.  As you toss old, useless clutter and better organize what’s left, you are in effect creating a sensation of lightness and freedom that can benefit you both mentally and spiritually.

On an energetic level, the effects of cleaning and de-cluttering can be even more profound because the process clears stagnation and calls in a flow of fresh, invigorating energy (also called “chi,” “ki,” or “qi” – which means “universal life energy”).

What does this mean for you and your space? More peace, prosperity, harmony, and success!

Below you’ll find some quick tips on how to organize for a more serene atmosphere:

1)    Clear Away the Clutter.  Clearing the way the clutter is crucial. Clutter drains your energy, scatters your focus and leaves you feeling overwhelmed and restricted.  Take as much time as necessary to remove items that are no longer needed and put away items to be kept.  However, don’t toss them carelessly into drawers and closets; be sure to organize and place them neatly where they belong.  Clutter is clutter, and you’ll experience the same negative effects even if it’s hidden away trust me.

2)   It’s Clean Up Time.  Grab a vacuum cleaner, mops, buckets, dusting cloths, glass cleaner and any other supplies you’ll need, and clean like you’ve never cleaned before!  It’s important to do a thorough job because you are not just cleaning away visible dirt – you are also removing any residue left by stagnant, negative energy.  You may not be able to see it, but you can still be affected by it on some level if you don’t remove it completely.

3)   Take a breather and look at your surroundings.  Notice that they look better, but also notice the difference in the way the environment feels.  Does it feel lighter and calmer?  Most people can feel the difference right away.

You’re not done yet, however!  Now you’re going to call in some beneficial energy to take the place of what you just cleared out.  There are many ways to do this, and none of them are better or more effective than the others.  Choose one or more that appeal to you.

One of the most common techniques is to “smudge” the area using a bundle of dried sage leaves.  (These can be purchased in herb shops or online.)  Light the end of the sage stick and blow out the flame so the leaves smolder and release fragrant smoke.  Walk through the rooms of your home and waft the scented smoke into the air.  As you do, state aloud that you are removing negative energy and inviting a flow of fresh, beneficial energy to take its place.

Another technique is to simply light scented incense and candles in every room.  The scents don’t really matter except that they are pleasing to you, but some popular choices include:  lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, sage, sandalwood, myrrh, frankincense and rose.

Finally, you can use meditation and visualization to call in positive energy.  Simply sit comfortably and perform deep-breathing exercises to bring yourself into a meditative state.  Then imagine brilliant white light infusing every room of your home.  Imagine that it fairly hums and crackles with an electrical charge, zapping any negativity that still lingers and replacing it with peace and harmony.

Doing this process just once can create quite an impressive change in the atmosphere of your home, but doing it on a regular basis can be even more effective.  Try it once every 3 months for starters, but do it as often as you need to if you sense the atmosphere becoming heavy and sluggish again.

Getting organized will help you Unleash Your Passions!

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Live with Passion!


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Tweak Your Confirmation Page To Increase Double Opt-In Rates

Tweak Your Confirmation Page To Increase Double Opt-In Rates


When a new person signs up for your freebie, they often must double opt-in before they receive the freebie. But this can be confusing to some people. It depends on your audience but the confirmation page is a great place to put extra information designed to increase the opt-in rate for your email list. Because some people will miss this one step thus lowering your conversion rates exponentially.

What is a Double Opt-in?

Most email providers require that anyone who signs up for your email list do something called “double opting in”. This means that they 1) entered their email address and information into a form to receive your freebie or sign up for your newsletter then 2) responded to the first email messages by opening it and clicking agreement to receive your email messages.

This process ensures that even if someone claims your messages are spam it’s easy to check that they did opt-in to receive your messages and you can’t get into trouble for spam since the definition of spam is sending out information to people who did not agree to get it. Of course, you should also make sure your messages are above board and legal too, but the main point of opting in is to give permission to you to send messages via email to the list member.

Every Page Can Be Improved

Even though the opt-in page is likely created by your autoresponder service, they usually let you edit it to make it your own. Based on who your audience is, you may also want to expand on the directions to explain to them what to expect on the sign-up page first then also improve the double opt-in confirmation page.

Sign Up Page & Form

When you describe your freebie that’s where you can also explain using video, text or both what the audience member should expect going forward. “Once you sign up to receive this amazing solution for your problem you’ll be sent an email from the autoresponder we use called Aweber. You should open the email, then click the link provided inside this email to confirm your agreement to sign up for this fabulous freebie.”

Confirmation Page

Then you will want to update the directions on the confirmation page too. Even though you just gave them instructions on the sign-up page, you’ll want to also fix the instructions your autoresponder provides for the confirmation page to ensure that your audience understands the directions. “Terrific! Almost done! Don’t miss out on your amazing problem-solving freebie, click the link below, then you’ll receive an email with a link to your freebie so that you can download it.” Remind them what they signed up for, and why they’re doing it so they’ll see it through all the steps.

Depending upon your autoresponder service you can add more text, images, your own page completely, a video, audio and more to help your audience understand exactly what is happening and what will happen when they sign up and then confirm their subscription so that they can finally get your freebie.



Make sure they know about the double opt in and to look for that confirmation email. Remind them that they get the lead magnet as soon as they confirm.






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Tag Your Subscribers To Deliver Targeted Content & Offers

Tag Your Subscribers To Deliver Targeted Content & Offers


Most email autoresponders enable you to use a method of segmentation of your market called Tagging. Tagging is just a way to add a way to collect list subscriber behavioral information by creating recognizable data. Tags can be created for all types of behavior within your autoresponder service.

For example, you can tag people upon subscribing based on where, when, and how they subscribed. Then, you can also create other tags that are generated based on the behavior of your list member once they sign up, such as clicking through to make a purchase of a product. The tags can organize your list in a better way by helping to segment list members from others so you can create more targeted messages to your list.

Tagging Organizes Your List – When you use tagging you organize your list based on those tags. So if email subscriber Bob signs up for digital product A they are tagged as buying A. Once tagged as buying A it organizes them into a sort of sub list so that now they’ll receive content designed for purchases of A that is designed to teach them about A and/or get them to move on and buy B.

Creates More Opportunities – When you’ve taken the time to set up tags that will be generated based on your audience’s behavior you have set up automation that gives you more opportunities to market in a special way to certain members of your list over others. For example, if you move very responsive people to one list, and leave unresponsive people on another list, you can change the messages that each is getting to help drive sales.

Segments According to Behavior – You can create tags for list member behavior. For example, if list member 25 becomes a customer of product A they’ll be tagged as having purchased product A and as a customer now instead of a lead or prospect. This means that you can now send different types of messages to them than you would if they were tagged lead or prospect having downloaded freebie C.

Exclude List Members – Tagging can also be used to exclude members of your list from certain emails. Let’s say that some members are very unresponsive and never open your emails so they haven’t gained new tags based on their behavior. That’s okay because you can now market to them differently using more aggressive subject lines and tone to help push them to buy or unsubscribe from your list.

Include List Members – Use tagging to help include list members based on their behavior in different marketing messages. For example, let’s say your list member signed up to go to a webinar but they did not show up. Now you can include all the people who signed up but did not attend in the same message about how sorry you are that they missed it but here’s the recording for free or for a price.

Using tags to create sub lists is a great way to organize your list and create more opportunities to laser target your marketing messages to them. Plus, it’ll give more insight into your audience when you can see a visual representation of their actions in your email marketing software analytics dashboard.






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Tap Into Other People’s Lists To Grow Your Own

Tap Into Other People’s Lists To Grow Your Own


There is a little-known secret to using other people’s lists to help you build your own. That secret is to join forces with others who may be your competition, or who sells items to your niche that is complementary to yours, who are willing to share resources to create something amazing for your combined audiences. Here’s how to do it.

Join Bundle Sales

A bundle sale is when someone organizes an event where everyone becomes an affiliate, everyone donates a digital item to the bundle, and then everyone who has donated then promotes the bundle to their email lists and communities. You get a chance to build your list because the people are downloading the item free from you in exchange for their email address.

The customer is usually highly valued because they paid a small price for access to your product. For example, there might be 50 products worth thousands in the bundle of interest to your audience that only pay a fraction of the value, such as $20, with affiliates sharing in 50 to 100 percent of the sale price.

Join Give-a-Way Event

Sometimes people need sponsors for events. They will often take either money or products for these events. You will house the product on your website so that when they come to download it, they will provide their email address allowing you to build your list. Everyone who donates participates in promoting the giveaway to their entire list.

Guest Post Strategically

Guest posting is not dead. If you choose to guest post it’s a great way to build your list if you have a good freebie to offer that you’re allowed to link to either in your bio or as part of the guest post. If you have an affiliate program you can entice the owner of the blog to use their affiliate link which may incentivize them to let you guest post. Guest post only on complementary blogs that have the same audience you do that have good traffic and good-sized lists equal to or better than yours.

Exchange Ad Space

Many people have huge email lists that include ad space. Even if you’ve not monetized your email list yet in this way it’s a good thing to offer to someone else. If you know anyone who has an email list equal to or bigger than yours offer to exchange ad space with them so that you can both run ads on each other’s lists.

Join a Fundraiser

Sometimes businesses get involved in fundraisers because someone in the community has a need for money. Even though you’re giving the item away and people are paying for access to your item for the charity, you still will build your list because you collect their email address before they download the item.

Host a Joint Event

After you’ve joined a few events it’s a good idea to consider hosting. The host gets to create the tone of the event and will end up with more clout than the guests even though the guests do most of the work in terms of presenting. When people sign up for the event you’ll build your email list and so will your guests as they promote the event too.

Host a Bundle Sale

Again, if you’re in charge of the bundle sale you’ll be the one earning the income not paid out to affiliates for selling the bundle. It’s fair because the host puts everything on a website landing page, and set the tone and rules of the event. Plus, usually, the host promotes a lot more than the participants. As a host, you boost your expertise quotient too ensuring your list grows even bigger.

Host a Fundraiser

Just like you can host the other ideas you can also host a fundraiser. The good thing about hosting is you get to choose the charity. You can even ask your list to choose based on a poll the charity that the proceeds go to. This will ensure that your audience is happy about the charity of choice while also building your list.

You can use any of these methods to leverage other people’s lists to grow your list faster. Even if you don’t have a large list yet yourself, many people will be more than willing to work with you on these types of events. Many masterminds and inner circle groups often do these things with each other so look out for opportunities to help you build your email list fast.








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