3 Action Steps to Help Your Make Your Money Propel You Forward Instead of Hold You Back

attract money action vision3 Action Steps to Help Your Make Your Money Propel You Forward Instead of Hold You Back

In order for you to attract money in your life there are few things that must be done and that  starts with describing what financial freedom means to you.

The term “financial freedom” is thrown around all over the internet. But in all actuality financial freedom means being from uncertainty and being able to confidentially know that you will be able to meet your life goals – that your finances (or lack thereof) are no longer holding you back from living the life you want.

This may mean that you have enough passive income (through pension, investments, business ownership, or real estate rental income) to finance your basic expenses. Or, it may mean that you simply know how to use your income, and investments, to create a life where financial issues are no longer holding you back from your goals.

But what I think is not important — What does financial freedom mean to you? If you lived in a world where you KNEW that you were going to be able to reach your goals, and you KNEW exactly what to do to reach your goals, how would that feel? What words come to mind when you think of financial freedom?

Action #1: Brainstorm some words that mean financial freedom to you. When I say brainstorm, I mean no filter, no editing, no judgment – just jot down some words, emotions, verbs, adjectives, feelings – that mean being free from financial issues, according to you.

Imagine — you have a Financial Action Plan sitting in front of you on your desk, table, or lap. This Plan spells out the exact steps you need to achieve your goals. You now know exactly what you want to do, and feel confident that you will be able to complete these tasks.

How does that feel? What does it mean to you? And not just what’s in your head – how do you feel in your body – are your shoulders relaxed? Your achy, stressed-out stomach relieved? Do you sit up straight, chin high?

Imagine – you have achieved your major life goal, that goal that you are worried about right now. Maybe it’s paying off debt, buying a house, starting a business, sending kids to college, or retiring from your job. Whatever it is – you’re there. All the tasks are completed, you’ve done what you needed to do, and you have achieved your most important goal.

Where are you? What are you doing? How do you celebrate?

Action #2: Create your Vision of Success. Write a few sentences, jot down an email to yourself, write it on index card, sticky note or create a vision board.  Whatever method you choose put it wherever you will see it every day as you make your financial decisions – this is your motivation to make every decision in a way that agrees with your goals.

Are you a perfectionist? Do you feel that your tasks are always unfinished? There is always one more thing, you have never really done that much, you always have more to truly reach your goal.

If so, you are probably not acknowledging your accomplishments – and you probably don’t take the time out to celebrate your accomplishments, especially the small ones and this , may be holding you back from success.

What have you accomplished this week?  Do me a favor and write it down.

So, did you celebrate? Did you take the time to rejoice in a job well done?

In order to attract more into your life you have to maintain a positive attitude, you need to acknowledge each step along the way – regardless of how far you are from your ultimate goals.

What’s holding you back from taking the next step on your finances?

Simply, you are.

Action #3: Start a log of your roadblocks. Brainstorm a list of action items you currently know you need to take on your money, but have not yet done so. List your excuses. See a pattern? Do you see a Real Reason emerging? If not yet, don’t be discouraged, it may take some time tracking your roadblocks for your Reason to emerge.

Your next step: Comment below and let me know what actions steps you will take make your money propel you forward instead of hold you back. 

Looking forward to connecting!

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