Facebook Jail Is Real

Facebook Jail

Ok, so I decided to write this blog post more so to humor my current situation. For those of you who don’t know me, I have been using Facebook to connect with other liked minded people, stay in touch with family and to build my business online at http://www.CreateWealthWithLaKeisha.com . But it seems like once every other month I am placed in what many are calling Facebook jail, I am sure it is due to a friend not liking my Facebook events and instead of hitting I don’t want to attend they notified the Facebook police, some friends right lol.

Part of me can really careless if what I post or share on my wall annoys anyone because there is a button that say hide or unfriend, either one works, I personally use them myself, I totally understand my business is not for everyone, hey I can’t save everyone either.  I am really only looking to help those who are hungry for success and really want change.

So the second time I went to Facebook jail, yes second time. I  am a repeat offender apparently.  There are apps that you can use to automate your business and a friend referred me to a program she uses Facebook Group Poster, so I loaded up this bad boy to post 4 posts per day to ONLY 10 groups,  and guess what after the second post, when I logged back into Facebook, I was a greeted with a notification that I was blocked from posting in groups, and creating events.

The part that makes this annoying is that they really don’t tell you what you are doing wrong,  it would be nice to get a warning but it doesn’t work that way.

So my current situation is that I am in Facebook jail for the 3rd time.  Yes and this time I used one of my apps and I have been using it for 2 months now and no problems,  I wasn’t scheduling posts to hit my personal group, but just my Facebook  page, but this week I was going on vacation and would have family in town and decided that I was going to schedule my post, and run this business on autopilot and Facebook said not so lol. So guess what I am currently serving my time in Facebook jail. I have 3 more days until I am free.

For the record I can see the need of some restrictions, but literally when I post in groups, it is not to share my business, I may post a video or quote, the issue seems to be when I post something that contains a link, again I can only assume, because when they throw away the key they don’t tell you what you have done wrong..

So believe me once you have been sent to Facebook jail once, they watch your every move.

LaKeisha Hankins
Online Passion Strategist

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