Stop Wasting Time and Start Making Money

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Stop Wasting Time and Start Making Money

As the saying goes, “time is money,” so wasting time is wasting money. And who can afford to do that, especially in today’s economy?

Here are five pitfalls that many business owners and solo professionals fall into that can severely hamper their productivity and cost them profits. Do any of the following sound familiar?

1. Trying To Do It All

The days of multi-tasking are long gone. Studies now document what many people have known for years: trying to do it all slows you down and increases mistakes. Just because you know how to do it doesn’t mean you should. If you’re trapped in the mindset that “it’s easier (or faster, or done better, etc.) if I do it myself,” snap out of it and start delegating!

2. Not Having Systems In Place

When you are ready to start delegating, having systems will make it much easier. Systems will also make it easier to keep your business running if you need to be away, and will maximize your return on the time that you do invest in your business. Look at the following areas and see if you have the systems in place to make your efforts more effective: marketing, customer service, bookkeeping/accounting and order processing.

3. Being Busy But Not Productive

When you’re busy doing a lot of things, such as making phone calls, checking email and putting out fires, you can fall into the trap of thinking you’re actually being productive. However, if you’re just engaging in “busy work” and working without a plan then you’re wasting time. Being productive means you are accomplishing something and using your available time to its best use.

4. Getting Distracted

It doesn’t matter whether you work at home or in an office, interruptions and distractions will happen. The real question is whether you are the one initiating or welcoming them when they do. Interruptions and distractions are a procrastinator’s best friends! If you’re the problem, then you need to deal with why you’re avoiding certain tasks.

5. Staying Too Connected

We’re being inundated with tools and technologies designed to improve our lives and instead they’re complicating them! Email, for example, has long been a big time waster. But now we have “smart” phones so we can check email (just can’t get away from the Inbox), check the news, text, instant message, surf the web or play games, 24/7. The options are almost endless! Whether you’re concentrating on working or relaxing, learn to manage these tools and take a break when you need to.

If you’ve fallen prey to any of these common time wasters, identify the biggest time thief and start dealing with it. Addressing just one of these habits could give you several more hours to spend on the key business activities that will bring in the clients and money you desire.


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