Which Tasks Should You Do in Your Part Time Hours?

Which Tasks Should You Do in Your Part Time Hours?

Which Tasks Should You Do in Your Part Time Hours?

Which Task Should You Do In Your Part Time Hours

Deciding which tasks to work on in a limited amount of time can make you feel stressed. But it’s easier to manage than you might think. You basically have four branches of your business:

  1. Creation
  2. Promotion
  3. Traffic
  4. Analysis


You should be creating something in your business. That could be a piece of new content that reviews a product, an eBook, a viral report that you plan to launch with money links in it, etc.


Once created, you’ll be focusing on promoting your online pages. The most successful entrepreneurs are those who don’t stop at task #1 – they’re the ones who really dig into the promotional aspect of their business and build a brand and a buzz for their business.


You can do that through social marketing (like using Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, YouTube, etc.). You can also write press releases, participate in forums, and comment on blogs to help promote your online offers.


There’s a difference between promotion and traffic, although some entrepreneurs use the terms interchangeably. Promotion is how you develop a name for yourself. It’s how you engage people and create loyal customers.


Traffic is the mere act of getting your target audience to your site so that they can build that connection with you and convert into paying customers. Traffic can be achieved through your promotions (like when you Tweet a link to your site), but you can also use different methods.


If you’re building a list of subscribers, you always want to notify them whenever you have something new up. This includes blog posts, reviews, and even new products for sale.


You can also purchase advertising for traffic using things like Pay Per Click ads on Google, or by purchasing solo ads that go out to another marketer’s list of subscribers.


Analysis is something that never ends. Some people never tackle this task – and subsequently, their business doesn’t achieve the most success that it could if they’d just paid attention to the details.


You need to analyze what you’re doing online and always look for ways to:


  • Improve your products
  • Increase your traffic
  • Heighten your conversion rate


For example, if you have sales copy for one of your own info products, you want to always be split testing to see how one element performs against another one. You’ll have two identical copies of the same sales letter – with just one item slightly different so you can see which one out-performs the other.


It might be something as simple as the color of your text, or a headline change. Maybe the font, or an image you’re using will make a different. Everything should be tested and tracked over time.




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Creating Products That Sell

Create A Product That Sells!

 Are you ready to start creating products and services that sell? There is nothing more nerve wrecking than getting excited about creating a product or program and to launch it and to only hear crickets and dead silence. It can be discouraging and I have seen some of the best entrepreneurs throw in the towel because of this, quite frankly I almost did myself.

Do you want to almost guarantee that you can create something that your ideal client absolutely wants and is ready to sign up to work with you? It starts with selling something that they just gotta have, and the best way to sell and create something that they just have to have is by simply asking them.

Achieving success in your business can be just that simple. I can’t tell you how many times I put so much energy, time and money into creating something to just have absolutely no buyers.

Here are 4 ideas to help you gain clarity and get good at creating products and services that sell.

  1. Create a survey. Ask people who you think would be your ideal clients to complete a simple quick survey for you and for best results, keep it simple, because if it is too long, you risk the chance of people not wanting to invest time to fill it out! Ask questions such “what’s your biggest challenge” and “if you had a magic wand, what is the number 1 thing, you wish would happen in your business?”
  2. Have a conversation. Do target market research by inviting people to jump on phone call with you so you can share your idea with them in return for their honest feedback, again keep it simple and ask for 15 minutes of their time. This 15 minutes could create a massive explosion in your business.
  3. Create a Facebook Group Poll. If you already have a FB group ask your community for their input on what types of programs they are looking for or what they would be interesting in buying. This will give you an idea of what topics you can cover inside your coaching programs and even how you can position your programs.
  4. Give a free assessment or strategy session in return.People are busy and it can be hard to get people on the phone with you, so as an incentive offer them a free assessment of strategy session as an appreciation for their time and allowing you in their space.

Now, the best way to create a service that sells is to take action! Go ask your community what they want from you and then deliver the goods!

PS. In Order to create a product or service the sales it’s important that you know who your ideal client is. Do you need help? Grab the Nail Your Ideal Client Worksheet Now! 

6 Simple Ways To Build Your Customer List

6 Simple Ways to Build Your Customer List

6 Simple Ways To Build Your Customer List

The key to building a reliable and active customer (lead) list is developing a rapport with those who are like-minded. There are several ways to build a business lead list, in this blog post I am going to share with you 6.

  1. Social Media Sites – LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook, Pinterest and Google Plus+ are just a few sites that can help drive traffic to your sites or blogs. You can set an account apart from socializing and point it toward your business by creating a business profile and offering valuable information and some offers to your readers.The “followers” of your sites/blog will become a part of your customer list and you can provide links and icons so that others can also visit your sites and convert to sales.
  2. Add Contact Forms – Contact forms that your visitors fill out to get more information from you is a great way to build a lead list. When creating your form, ask for the least amount of information possible, such as name and email address.People become suspect if they’re asked for addresses and phone numbers, so make the contact form as short as possible and you’ll receive more contacts.
  3. Email Campaigns – Before social media, email campaigns were the best way to build a list. Now, you can combine email marketing campaigns with your social media marketing to build your list in several areas at once.Be sure that the emails contain valuable information that the new contact will appreciate and don’t bombard your list with emails. They’ll eventually block your emails if they perceive that it’s spam.
  4. Add Contact Features to Your Site – Unless you know who your visitors are and how to contact them, you won’t be able to convert them to paying customers. Buttons such as “Subscribe” or “Sign Up” can immediately put your visitors on your list.Create groups that are interested in the same subject matter and ask your visitors to join. These groups can become target groups for future emails and newsletters.
  5. Use Email Open Rates Tracking Information – By tracking email information through sites such as “Constant Contact” you can easily see the bounce rates, click through, opt-in and open rates for any type of business at a glance.
  6. Call to Action – Every piece of information that you share with your lead list should include a “call to action” that requests that your visitors can exchange for something they need.For example, you might entice them to buy “right now” by offering them a discount on the product or service. The call to action should always offer a benefit for acting now to get the best deal.

Now you tell me, how are you building your customer list? 

Did you find value in today’s blog post? if so leave me a comment below and share the value across social media.

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Build a List

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